Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development
Mobile App development is a field that goes beyond the ideas of fascinating user network. The extension of work includes examining, integration, security, quality assurance, and continuous ongoing management of content, and specified engineering proficiencies across the platforms. We at GAMA, provide absolute services on both, the consumer and the enterprise side.

The imperative perception in the area assures the accurate choice of technique; one that is based on comparing the actual development access with the specific engagement for which it is demanded. Mobile App Development across embossed platforms allows organizations an imperative asset, one that is appropriated to convert board-room ideas into reality.

Our Approach

The base for designing and embossing the application is the first step i.e. strategy formulation. Our data-driven accommodation method allows for us to work with a systematic based approach. The details are as follows:

Pure Native Applications Architecture Approach: This approach allows the client to code on the devices to stay as small as possible without adjusting on the user experience. Temporarily influencing each platform's unique proposals and providing portability between different platforms.

HTML5 Hybrid Architecture Approach: This approach allows full benefit of the device and it's features, with single code bade across different platforms.

iOS Application Development

This includes App development for the iPhone & iPad. The design team cleanse your innovative app concept for designing an attractive user experience so that the Apple's native platform is dragging to the fullest. Our team is also familiar with the technique to integrate Apple's Touch ID, Apple Pay besides other iOS features.

Android Application Development

The developers have proficiency in Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Android Media APIs, NFC integration & Geo-fencing, OpenGL, 3D graphics, Android Security Architecture besides other compatible technologies to build a properous Android app. We also offer Android Tablet application development to the clients.