SEO / SMO Adwords/PPC

SEO / SMO Adwords/PPC
Search Engine Optimization relates to the process of increasing the visibility of any website result pages of organic search engines. It will include incorporating elements that are friendly to search engines, especially keywords that are relevant and would help search engine algorithms to index them. There are two types of optimization, namely on-page and off-page optimization, where the former relates to elements incorporated in the web pages like HTML, images and textual content, and the later referring to back links mentioned in other websites to divert visitors to the website being optimized.
Our approach to SEO

The approach taken by Growthwell for providing SEO services is unique, where we take many factors into consideration when applying SEO techniques. They are website analysis, competitor analysis and among others, keywords research.

Website analysis include analyzing the content of web pages to ensure that they are retable and captivating with proper formatting of content and creating headlines that are bound to create an impact on readers. Analysis of the website structure and traffic flow is also included in the access.

Competitor analysis includes the analysis of their websites and comparing with our client’s website to find out the scope of improvement, if any. Proper Keywords research is carried out by us to find the right keyword(s) using the latest tools (like Google Adwords).

On-page and off-page optimization techniques followed by us are the latest where analysis of webpage content is made and backlinks incorporated in sites that are massive in page rankings.

Monitoring keywords and traffic is also part of our SEO services, where we closely observe the progress of any website optimized by its keywords and make necessary changes to help in listing the ranking.

Detailed report on our research analysis and the action we take is generated on monthly basis to help us explore the loopholes if any to bring in improvement with an objective to take any website higher in the ratings.